Civil Litigation
Our attorneys put a premium on resolving client problems with the least disruption to a client’s business and life, and the least drain on a client’s resources. When litigation is inevitable, we aggressively and zealously represent our clients’ interests.
Areas of Civil Litigation Experience in State and Federal Courts and Arbitration Forums

Partner and Shareholder Disputes: When problems arise among partners we seek the most cost effective solution for our clients. Barring a chance for a successful settlement, we vigorously pursue litigation remedies

Business and Contract Litigation:
We handle affirmative and defensive litigation in all areas of business law such as trademark infringement, tortious interference, vendor and supplier disputes, contract interpretation and enforcement

Real Estate Related Actions: We are experienced in a wide variety of real estate related litigation, including owners′ rights actions and landlord tenant disputes

Matrimonial Litigation: Some of the most emotionally-charged lawsuits include contested divorces, custody, child support, and enforcement actions. We handle these matters with the care and sensitivity they deserve

Tort Actions: We represent our clients in a variety of actions for personal injury or property damage arising from tortious conduct such as defamation, negligence and intentional torts in Federal and State courts

Local Counsel: We are retained by out-of-state law firms to act as special local litigation counsel